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December 3rd, 2010

If you want a better web host to host your site, check out our top ten web hosting review, we provide the top ten U.S. web hosting reviews. You can find a better hosting, cheaper price to host your site.

In the table below, we will list the best out of the top ten web hosting, and provide the latest discount codes, you can buy the lowest price the best virtual host.

Top 10 Web Hosting providers comparison

Check chosen by editors top 10 hosting providers compared in the table below.

Rank Provider Price/mo Space/BW Features

Unlimited (both) cPanel/WHM, Fantastico,
ASP, Curl, Cron,
2 $3.45

Unlimited (both) Free Domain, Site Builder, Anytime Money Back
3 $3.95 Unlimited (both) In business since 1996,
SSH support (Secure Shell)
4 $3.95 Unlimited (both) eCommerce Hosting, Dedicated IP addressesss
5 $4.95 Unlimited (both) Linux web hosting,
with ASP and JSP support
6 $4.95 Unlimited (both) Free Domain,Green Energy hosting service
7 $3.99 10 GB / Unlimited Best Personal hosting,1&1 Tools,
8 $2.95 Unlimited (both) Cheapest web hosting
Hassle-Free Unlimited plan
9 $3.67 Unlimited (both) 100% wind powered
Online Store Building tool
10 $5.95 Unlimited (both) ASP hosting,
Web hosting US And Aisa

Recommended Best Web Hosting  – Hostgotar

Hostgotar is a well known web hosting company. Hostgotar has a great feature is the online time is very high. Hostgotar Although there is no free domain name registration and no other hosting company cheap, but Hostgotar really is the best! If you try it, you’ll understand. Now, you can use the discount code Babyonecent to buy Hostgotar the Bady  host plan, use the discount code you can get a $ 9.94 discount in the first month, that is, the first month to pay only $ 0.01. You can get a month Bady managed, Hostgotar support 7×24-hour online chat support, free phone support (USA), 45 Day Money Back Guarantee service. You have nothing to worry about it? Hostgotar trial for hosting now.

Click here to go Hostgotar and get a free trial!

Web Hosting features and specifications

Now the mainstream market, hosting companies, providing the host are basically unlimited, so you do not have to worry about the size and flow rate of space, you simply select the best performance of the hosting company, service the best hosting company, we provide The top ten hosting companies have very good service, you will be satisfied!

The most popular virtual host system

Web hosting platform on the network more frequently used broadly divided into three types, namely, Unix, Linux, and Windows platforms, so first you must decide which platform you need web hosting, but the relatively popular host server platform

  • Linux + Apache Web server platform system
  • Windows System + Internet Information Server (IIS) Web server platform
  • Green Hosting – Save the Earth

    Environmental protection is now very mainstream concept, hosting companies like environmental protection, because it can save the planet! We provide top ten hosting companies, many companies are managed in the program are green hosting, so you select the host company is equivalent to saving the planet.

    We believe that iPage is the best green hosting company.

    About Top Ten Web Hosting

    Our top ten Web hosting is carefully chosen. For the recommended web hosting, we have used, so that we can guarantee that select the best host. Our top ten hosting is regularly updated, you can collect our users, regular view, you can find the best for your website hosting!


    If you like to be the best web hosting, host many companies in the selection, you can not freeloaders, in general, free host or a host of price is very cheap is not good, there is no support, poor uptime, we recommend ten good host is the best hosting company, you can trust us.

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